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Our Company

Since 2010, DENOS Medical Assistance is a French TPA specialized in providing states, insurance companies and expatriates or impatriates with access to treatment in France and in Europe.
DENOS Medical Assistance MDs liaise with treating doctors and analyse physicians’ reports and patients’ medical records to select the most appropriate healthcare providers.
DENOS Medical Assistance has welcomed more than 1000 patients from North Africa, Africa, Gulf countries and Russia.
They were hospitalized in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and Germany.


Our Values


Guided by ethical values based on honesty, respect for all cultures, religions and individuals and integrity in all clinical and business practices.


For all medical and other personal data, confidentiality is guaranteed in accordance to the very strict French National Laws and Regulations.


Our company is not linked to any hospital or group of hospital.

International approach

Our company deals with international hospitals.

Teamwork & Partnerships

System effectiveness is directly proportionate to the collective strength of teams and partners, open communication and mutual respect. Together we accomplish more than with individual achievements.

Innovation & Quality

We continually strive for quality and performance improvement, adapt to change and remain on the forefront of the latest developments and patient safety initiatives.


We recognize, respect and actively support differences among individuals and support the personal, professional, and organizational growth through this philosophy.


Our Commitments

  • Selection of the most appropriate health care providers
  • Confidentiality
  • Follow up during all the medical pathway
  • Guarantee of best prices
  • Network Management
  • Various working languages
  • Availability H24 7/7